A Day in the Life of a Junior Office Manager

If you are considering an internship in Barcelona this is the perfect place to start. Learn all about life as a junior office manager in an international real estate company like Casamona!

9:50 am

The day of a Junior Office Manager [JOM] starts a little earlier than other interns, giving us a chance to catch up on clients who have found Casamona overnight and schedule any events or meetings for the coming day. This also allows us to set up the office for everyone arriving at 10.00 am. As a Junior Office Manager you will be given a lot of responsibility, so ensuring everything is organized for the day ahead is essential.
We answer the main email inbox, where most of our clients contact us. We respond to giving information about properties, co-ordinating with rental agents and answering any questions we can. JOMs are responsible for building and developing relationships with clients and owners, so good communication skills are key.

11:00 am

Every morning we have a meeting so that everyone is aware of the daily tasks ahead and we can stay up to date with how we are performing. We may also have a junior office manager meeting, to ensure the office is running smoothly and discuss any ideas that we have.

11:30 am

The morning period tends to be one of the busiest of the day. We use this time to answer phone calls and speak to walk-in clients to discuss housing options and arrange visits.
JOMs also specializes in various specific business areas, including Accounting, Human Resources, and Management Contracts (a service we offer to owners looking for a helping hand in running their properties). We tend to clear these tasks early on in the day, to free up the afternoon for customer and client work.

13:00 pm

Lunch! This is a lovely time to catch up with your colleagues and other interns in the office who you may not have seen much in the morning. People tend to bring their own food or buy from nearby food stalls, of which there are many, but we all make sure to eat together and relax for a bit. This is a great chance to take time out from the busy schedule.

14.00 pm

As a JOM you can also get the chance to take clients of your own, and this gives you the opportunity to work directly with clients throughout the process and go on visits to flats. This is a great opportunity to develop key interpersonal skills, and also a chance to get to know the city better as you show your clients around.

15.30 pm

There is also plenty of scope within the job to take on a variety of projects within the real estate world. Junior office manager can oversee renovation projects, help Casamona find new flats to rent or sell, and help with marketing efforts amongst other jobs.

6.00 pm

Home time! As a JOM, we ensure that everything in the office is closed down properly, and respond to any final inquiries before heading home.
If you enjoyed what you read and would like to apply for this position, or simply want some more information, please contact us at recruitment@casamona.com. Also, check out our website for more internship opportunities!


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