A Day in the Life of a Rental Agent

If you are considering an internship in Barcelona this is the perfect place to start. Watch our latest video to learn all about a day in the life of a rental agent in an international real estate company like Casamona!

What skills are needed to be a good rental agent?

Organizational skills are key. You will be juggling clients, flat finds, deals, and trips around the city on a daily basis. It is a fantastic opportunity to challenge yourself in a professional environment. Rental agents will also need good interpersonal skills and the more languages they speak the better! You'll be in contact with clients and owners from across the world.


What skills do rental agents learn?

First and foremost, rental agents will learn the city like the back of their hand. Agents travel to visit properties across the city on a daily basis so it is a fantastic opportunity to explore Barcelona! You'll learn sales techniques first hand, and hone negotiation skills as you work between clients and owners to make sure deals run smoothly. It is also a great position to improve your Spanish speaking skills!


What do rental agents do on a daily basis?

The day starts with catching up on the night before. You'll have emails from owners and clients regarding viewings and deals that need replying to. We then have a whole company morning meeting to discuss the day ahead! After this, you'll have a chance to go on visits around the city and interact with Spanish and international people. The afternoon tends to be a good time to hunt for new flats for our website and find new clients online through various portals.
The day of a rental agent usually winds down by around 18.00.
If you enjoyed our article, a day in the life of a rental agent, and what you saw in the video and would like to apply for this position, or simply want some more information, please contact us at recruitment@casamona.com. Also, check out our website for more internship opportunities.


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