A Day in the Life of a Marketing Intern

If you are considering an internship in Barcelona this is the perfect place to start. Learn all about life as a marketing intern in an international real estate company like Casamona!

10:00 am

Your day as a marketing intern starts at 10:00 every day at our office in El Born. It's a lovely spot in the heart of Barcelona, in a very bohemian and chic neighborhood - definitely and enviable place to work!
We tend to start our morning by catching up on property updates that happened overnight. As a marketing intern, you will be in charge of ensuring that our website and the portals through which we advertise our flats are always correct and up-to-date. We use over ten portals and availability and details of properties are constantly changing, so you’ll interact with them regularly. We regularly analyze portals’ performances to evaluate the relative value of each.

11:00 am

We also use this early morning time to plan the day ahead and to post on social media. Casamona regularly uses Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to promote properties, our blogs, and any elements of life in Barcelona that we want to share with our following!
We also run four Facebook groups in which people can advertise their properties or services, or in which people inquire about places to live. These groups are a great place to find some clients if you want to dabble in the real estate side of the company, or else to bring more customers to Casamona.
Furthermore, we have a YouTube channel on which we post videos of our most upmarket properties and insights into working for the company. You have free rein to explore new ideas for social media, and producing videos or photo series that promote the company so this is a great opportunity to explore your more creative sides!

11:30 am

It is now time for our daily morning meeting. At the start of the week, Marketing gives a powerpoint presentation breaking down Casamona’s performance in the previous week. This is a good chance to give feedback on the online performance of the company and to follow up

12:00 am

One of marketing’s main responsibilities is to ensure that the apartments that we promote appear as attractive as possible on our website. Consequently, we regularly go on photo visits to our properties to make sure the photos we have do justice to them and show off all they have to offer. This is one of the most enjoyable parts of the job as it offers a chance to explore stunning properties and discover all corners of Barcelona! From Montjuic to Bogatell beach, and Gracia to the Gothic Quarter, you’ll be able to travel wherever. It is also a good opportunity for client interaction.

13:00 pm

Lunch! This is a lovely time to catch up with your colleagues and other interns in the office who you may not have seen much in the morning. People tend to bring their own food or buy from nearby food stalls, of which there are many, but we all make sure to eat together and relax for a bit.

14:00 pm

Just after lunch tends to be the slowest part of the day, so we use this time to analyze our online performance and explore ways in which we can boost our SEO ranking. We work closely with our CEO and General Manager on the website and a marketing intern has plenty of responsibility and opportunity to make tweaks and improvements.
We also use this time to tackle larger marketing projects, both online and offline. These include the design of company image, advertising, work with other international companies.

15:00 pm

We also try to publish at least one article per week on our blog. The topics vary from real estate to tips on moving to the city, to life once you are here. There is a lot of flexibility for content so this is a great opportunity to write articles for those interested in blogging and journalism. The afternoon is a good time to brainstorm, write, and find photos for our latest ideas.
This time can also be used for flat finding and client work. Marketing interns are not limited to marketing, and there is plenty of scope for working with rental clients if you so desire. It is a good way to speak some Spanish and to earn some commission!

17:00 pm

Day finished! Marketing only stays till 17.00, so this gives you plenty of time left in the day to get out and enjoy the city!
If you enjoyed what you read and would like to apply for this position, or simply want some more information, please contact us at recruitment@casamona.com.


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